Swiss Arabian


A heritage of luxury that dates back to 1974, Swiss Arabian exemplifies the majesty and mystique of the Arabian sands. With fragrances that exude a sense of royalty through the finest musks and seasoned Oods (agarwood), our products have enjoyed a loyal fan base for over 40 years and continue to do so. Swiss Arabian offers a comprehensive range of premium fragrances for traditional and contemporary sensibilities. Its authentic Ood, Dehn el Ood, Arabic and a tastefully selected range of French perfumes are designed to address a broad spectrum of moods and personalities, as we believe that a carefully crafted fragrance has the potential of becoming a part of who you are. Some of the our bestsellers include Rakaan, Kashkha, Fadeitak, Mukhalat Malaki and Dehn el Ood Cambodi, which have an unmatched loyal customer base for over 40 years. Swiss Arabian Perfumes is the flagship brand of Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group (SAPG).

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